Manila Bay

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As long as the squatters remain where they are and are allowed to flourish, the Philippines will not reach its full potential as a business hub that finds favor in the eyes of foreign investors. No amount of volunteer cleanup initiatives will fix this underlying problem. Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila’s waterways. In other words, the…

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Yellows are now saying it’s so easy to clean up Boracay and Manila Bay. Then why didn’t former President Noynoy Aquino do it? Perhaps Noynoy didn’t think it was that easy. He didn’t do much during his term except use public funds to bribe members of Congress and to fund his party’s election campaign. I’m…

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Manila is not just a city. It is the seat of the Philippine government, and the cultural and financial capital of the country. If Filipinos are to take pride in being Filipino, they necessarily need to be able to take pride in their country’s premiere city. The Philippine Opposition, unfortunately, are, as usual, going for…

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