Leni Robredo can’t speak English. She can’t speak Tagalog either!

Leni supporters are butthurt I pointed out Leni Robredo’s nonsense statement in Tagalog. Instead of acknowledging she didn’t make any sense, they are attacking me as usual. What a bunch of cult followers! The fact is, Leni is the worst endorser of the Tagalog language. I do not understand what she was trying to say […]

It is only right that Tagalog be junked in favour of Korean language courses

What do Filipinos gain by being proficient at Tagalog? The short answer is NOTHING. There are no bodies of knowledge of consequence articulated in Tagalog, no essential technologies documented in Tagalog, and no pathways to a lucrative career paved with Tagalog. Korean, on the other hand, like other languages spoken by societies with rich and […]

Speaking Tagalog UNNECESSARILY is the WORST form of virtue signalling

Notice how, during election season, many politicians are speaking in Tagalog. Right there is a form of epal not too many “activists” shriek about. Many of them, specially those who are second- or third- generation politicians grew up in English-speaking households and environments and went to schools known for the impeccable English-speaking prowess of their […]

Duterte’s sound byte fiascos prove that ENGLISH should be used in political discourse

One thing that’s undermining the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is the communication style used by Duterte in his verbal statements. The numerous ill-thought-out remarks he makes have so far been a gold mine of ammo the Opposition gleefully use to bolster their nonetheless intellectually-bankrupt rhetoric. Indeed, the single biggest thing Duterte could do […]