Jollibee is world-class because it did what other great brands did well – get into people’s heads

Jollibee gives Filipinos that familiar warm fuzzy feeling. One bite into a Jollibee burger sends us back in time and, for many, half way around the world back to a place of familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

Make no mistake, however. The Jollibee franchise is a successful multinational enterprise. It didn’t get there by accident.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr goes as far as calling Jollibee an ‘ambassador of goodwill’.
(Source: Twitter)

The brilliant manner with which it gets into Filipinos’ heads and hearts owes itself to brilliant marketing and brand management. The low cost with which it delivers its products and its memorable customer experiences is enabled by investments in the latest supply chain management methods and technologies and, more importantly, shrewd management of its “human resources”.

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