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Unruly Chinese foreigners? Get in line. Filipinos show the way!

It comes across as a bit hypocritical this outrage fad over Chinese nationals (or so we are led to believe) engaging in “unruly” or rude acts all over town. Photos of “mainland Chinese” people are now making the rounds over social media with one or another Netizen adding their respective two-cent commentary on what a big “outrage” this is.

Perhaps we need to be reminded that Filipinos aren’t exactly exemplars of cleanliness and hygiene. Metro Manila is known as one of the filthiest megacities on the planet even to the extent of being referred to as the “gates of hell” by bestselling author Dan Brown.

Perhaps those who engage in the loudest shrillest shrieks of outrage are those who grew up in gated villages and studied in chi chi private schools. However, these are a tiny elite that go nowhere near representing Filipino society at large.

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Bottom line is that the Philippines is no Singapore and even the most serious laws are routinely flouted with impunity. What more could one expect when it comes to basic cleanliness and courtesy, right?

Until Filipinos are able to walk their quaint outrage, they should first practice what they shriek.

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