China does not owe former Ambassador Albert del Rosario any explanation for ANYTHING.

What’s all the fuss about Albert del Rosario’s detention in and deportation from Hong Kong? There is no basis for asserting that one has any “right” to be allowed entry into another country. Whatever kind of passport you hold only bears a message from the issuing state that border agents of the other state consider allowing their citizen passage.

Do get a load of this one though…

Del Rosario also said they demanded from the Hong Kong immigration authorities to give him a “rational explanation” on why he was held.

Tough shit gramps. A government reserves the right to refuse entry to an alien for whatever reason it deems pertinent and owes no foreign agent or government any explanation. Perhaps del Rosario has not experienced what many Filipinos go through applying for a visa to, say, the United States and most other First World countries. A consul is authorised to deny any application and is under no obligation to explain said denial.

Not worth the paper it is printed on: Former Ambassador Albert del Rosario shows evidence of his ‘right’ to be allowed entry into Chinese territory.

Suck it up. Filipinos are Filipinos in the eyes of border agents and immigration officers considering one’s entry into their country. Nobody is special.

China kicks former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’s ass out of Hong Kong

Pity former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales. She is a former Philippine official who gets detained in and deported from Hong Kong like a common undesirable alien. That’s what you get when you file a case against a global superpower before a Mickey Mouse court such as that of the “International Criminal Court”.

Yellowtards still don’t get it. The world is not fair and it certainly won’t be fair to anyone just because they feel they are entitled to fairness. Not surprisingly this appeal to fairness is the only argument of Morales’s attorney Anne Marie Corominas…

“She has committed no crime. She’s only exercised her democratic rights as a Filipino citizen!” Corominas said.

Well now, tough shit, right? Perhaps Morales should file another case with the ICC this time for “unfair deportation”. We’ll wish her all the best of luck with that case.

Misleading @gmanews report by Llanesca T. Panti is inciting hatred for foreign workers among Filipinos

A report published on the GMA News Online website states, “Illegal foreign workers should not be allowed to steal jobs from Filipinos, Vice President Leni Robredo said Tuesday.” However there seems to be nothing in what is quoted verbatim from Robredo’s statements in the report itself that shows she was referring to illegal aliens when she hinted that foreign workers “steal jobs” from Filipinos.

Did Llanesca T. Panti, author of the report LIE? If she did, then this is a grossly irresponsible piece of journalism that should not be tolerated.

Panti also reports in the same GMA News Online story that “President Rodrigo Duterte said that illegal Chinese workers in the country can stay since deporting them could mean a backlash for Filipinos who are working in China.” However a report published on The Philippine Star quotes Duterte verbatim:

“Iyong mga Chinese dito hayaan mo ‘yan na dito magtrabaho. Hayaan mo (Allow the Chinese here to work. Let them),” Duterte said in his speech during the campaign rally of PDP-Laban in Laguna.

Clearly, nowhere in his statement did Duterte suggest that “illegal Chinese workers in the country can stay” as Panti reported on GMA News Online.

This is a case of media deliberately spreading disinformation about an important issue that could cause unnecessary animosity between Filipinos and both guest foreign workers and permanent residents of foreign origin living among them.

This is both irresponsible and dishonest journalism and should be dealt with by the management of GMA News Online immediately.

Unruly Chinese foreigners? Get in line. Filipinos show the way!

It comes across as a bit hypocritical this outrage fad over Chinese nationals (or so we are led to believe) engaging in “unruly” or rude acts all over town. Photos of “mainland Chinese” people are now making the rounds over social media with one or another Netizen adding their respective two-cent commentary on what a big “outrage” this is.

Perhaps we need to be reminded that Filipinos aren’t exactly exemplars of cleanliness and hygiene. Metro Manila is known as one of the filthiest megacities on the planet even to the extent of being referred to as the “gates of hell” by bestselling author Dan Brown.

Perhaps those who engage in the loudest shrillest shrieks of outrage are those who grew up in gated villages and studied in chi chi private schools. However, these are a tiny elite that go nowhere near representing Filipino society at large.

Bottom line is that the Philippines is no Singapore and even the most serious laws are routinely flouted with impunity. What more could one expect when it comes to basic cleanliness and courtesy, right?

Until Filipinos are able to walk their quaint outrage, they should first practice what they shriek.