Leni Robredo reading the book “Digong Dilaw” was a really bad idea

Of all the books Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo could have chosen to read to kids in a day care facility in this recent publicity stunt, she had to choose Virgilio Almario’s Digong Dilaw.

Digong is, as most Filipinos know, the nickname of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and “Dilaw” is Tagalog for the colour yellow which is a symbol of the leading party of the Opposition, the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards). Whoever thought of this stunt is either plain stupid or is out to sabotage Robredo’s image. They may as well have hung a “please bash me on social media” sign around her neck.

Of course, the idea that Almario’s book actually carries a political message is nonsense. Still, given the environment Robredo treads, this is a publicity gaffe she could ill afford and one that was otherwise preventable.

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[Update 07 Nov 2018: The person who organised this event, Ms. Jam Ong, reached out to provide her side of the story and confirms there was no intent to harm any partisan side. Read her full statement here.]

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