According to @MrFrankBaraan, Catholic priests have authority to summarily JUDGE people as “evil”


Here is what the popular Yellowtard social media personality said on Twitter

I’ve talked to a lot of priests, some include bishops. They’ve been telling how much they detest Duterte’s blatant disrespect & sacrilegious comments about the Catholic Church, his blanket accusations against all priests, & his cursing of the Pope.


Ironic, considering it is the Yellowtards who keep drumming up fear of a “looming dictatorship” ad nauseum. Does such a threat to the free liberal world actually exist?

Perhaps it already does, but not in the form the Yellowtards would like us to believe. Baraan’s consultation with and rabid trust in the pronouncements of a bunch of men in robes harks back to far darker and badder days.

Back during the Inquisition, a priest could simply point at a random peasant and declare him or her a “heretic” or “blasphemer” — pretty much a sentence to a horrific death back in those times.

“Looming dictatorship”? It’s actually worse. Working in a tight perverse relationship with the Roman Catholic Church, the Yellowtards seemingly are in the throes of implementing a modern-day Inquisition. It ain’t a pretty sight.

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