Martial Law Crybabies are like dumped people stalking their ex-lovers

You know that loser who, years after a breakup, continues to check out what his or her ex is up to? Specially now in the age of social media, it has become easy to continue to keep tabs on your ex. More interesting is how it becomes easy to post and tweet mean blind items about the people who are currently sleeping with your ex.

That’s essentially what Martial Law Crybabies are doing. They give meaning to their lives on a drip feed of Martial Law “pain”. These “atrocity” junkies, fuelled by that pain, then rampage across the Net crucifying people in bed with the source of that pain.

Even former lovers of their ex — those who had moved on from their ex are not immune. Martial Law Crybabies also crucify people who were formerly involved with their Martial Law bogey.

These sorts of people are toxic personalities. Rather than look forward and move towards the future, they remain imprisoned by a perverted memory of the past that they cannot let go of. It is best to avoid these people as they offer nothing constructive.

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