Filipinos should stop praying and start making money


The reason Filipinos are poor is because they spend an inordinate amount of time and headspace praying rather than focus on the business of making money. An example is the crowds we see today queueing up for the privilege of catching a glimpse of the most recent Catholic hood ornament. One wonders how “hard” Filipinos are realling working seeing how many of them actually find the time to engage in this activity.

What is worse than spending time that could have been put to making money on prayer is actually praying for money. At the moment there’s something like a billion-peso lotto jackpot that is the subject of much chatter nowadays. Perhaps the crowds milling around Church and this jackpot bonanza may be related in some way. It could be that Filipinos are praying that they win this lotto jackpot and probably think touching a religious icon could improve their luck.

This represents a double-flaw in Filipinos’ regard for both prayer and making money. They pray for luck and spend time on prayer for money rather than on working to make money. Wrong thinking on both sides of the coin (pardon the pun).

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