Filipinos have lost confidence in “human rights” advocacy because the Yellowtards weaponised it for their political ends


According to “human rights” guy Caloy Conde, it is “shocking” that a survey revealed that Filipinos trust soldiers more than “human rights advocates”. In a tweet issued recently, Conde laments…

A jarring info I learned just now: the Filipino public trusts soldiers more than human rights advocates to have “true respect” for human rights.

That’s it. I’m going back to crocheting.

The trouble with the whole “human rights” advocate community is that they had made the really bad mistake of associating their “cause” with a specific clique of political partisans. It so happens too that the biggest bloc within this clique is made up of “thought leaders” of the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) and Filipino communists.

Suffice to say, these two groups had, over the last several decades, suffered multiple crises of credibility, relevance, and ideological consistency. Much of these crises were brought about by a foolish rallying around personalities and outrage fads rather than sustaining a rhetoric anchored on foundational thought.

Human rights, an otherwise noble doctrine imported from Western Europe has succumbed to Filipinos’ renowned Reverse Midas Touch Syndrome — yet another noble idea perverted beyond recognition.

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