Should Leila De Lima be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? This guy thinks so…


Tony La Viña writing for Rappler attempts to make a case for “senator” Leila De Lima to be considered for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize…

De Lima is already internationally recognized for her struggle for human rights under Duterte’s rule, for which reason she was imprisoned and continue to be persecuted using fake charges.

Definitely, this persecution for her single-handed challenge against Duterte’s drug war and EJK campaign as early as July of 2016, especially her subsequent incarceration, has put the world spotlight on the former Chairperson of the CHR and Secretary of Justice.

La Viña, however, forgets that De Lima was once in a position to advance the cause of “human rights” when she was head of the Commission on Human Rights under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. What happened then?

De Lima was also called out for the human rights violations she then pepretrated under the administration of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III against her former boss Arroyo when she had her travel rights restricted on no legal basis then ignored court orders to lift that order.

De Lima’s initial violation back then was in defying the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban against Arroyo. De Lima even risked disbarment for ignoring the highest court’s order. Senator Miriam Santiago likewise questioned De Lima’s action citing the DOJ had no legal basis to issue a watch-list order against Arroyo since there was no pending case against the former President and was only a respondent in a joint DOJ Comelec investigation on electoral fraud at that time.

Should Leila De Lima be given the Nobel Peace Prize? Only a rabid Yellowtard would say yes to that.

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