Yellowtards ever desperate for a “hero” latch on to Trillanes like barnacles

In much the same way a person with low self esteem jumps from one relationship to another, the Yellowtards see Trillanes as but the most recent in a series of liaisons with that still elusive Messiah. First it was “vice president” Leni Robredo, then came “senator” Leila De Lima, then it was never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno. Evidently today is mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes’s turn to strike a pose in front of the cross.

What the Yellowtards seem to fail to realise is that in a series of failed relationships, the common denominator is none other than you.

There is definitely something wrong with the Yellowtards. They continue to use a political advancement model that has by all intents and purposes become obsolete. Yet they continue to flog this long dead campaign workhorse of “heroes”, “martyrs”, and the necropolitics they spin around these mythological creatures.

In short, the Yellowtards have failed to evolve. And they are dragging down the rest of the Philippine Opposition with them.

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