Trillanes did not think of Filipino citizens’ rights when he led soldiers to destroy a civilian government

Funny the way “activists” in the Opposition now shriek about the “rights” mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes is now supposedly “entitled” to. Perhaps they should recall to a short time ago when Trillanes himself did not spare such similar thoughts to the Filipinos whose rights and very lives he put at risk when he sought to destroy a legitimately-elected civilian government.

The idea that one can take it upon himself to unilaterally decide what is good or bad for the Filipino is anathema to the sort of democracy Filipinos aspire to build and maintain. Trillanes and everything he stands for proposes a pathway that does not lead to that.

Democracy requires the discipline to allow checks-and-balances to work and for due process to transparently channel the people’s will. This is something Filipinos should learn to understand. Trillanes does not, in anyway, provide the light to guide Filipinos down that path to modern governance.

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