Arrest warrant for Trillanes’s non-bailable Oakwood Mutiny offense out possibly today!

A little birdie (more like an extinct dodo) is screeching about the large police presence around the Senate on standby in case the much-awaited second warrant of arrest for mutineer-turned-senator Antonio Trillanes comes into effect.

Well, what else would one do given Trillanes is being made out to be some sort of dodoic “hero” by the Yellowtards? You wouldn’t want someone endangering the life of their latest “hero”, right?

This police presence is being derided as too “OA” (overacting) by the Yellowtards. Well, if they step back from their shrill “activism” they will find that Trillanes was the one who started all the theatrics by holing himself up in a cowardly manner in his Senate building office. This is what actually turned this thing into the big circus that it is now. Trillanes is the OA one in this quaint drama.

For that matter, Yellowtardism is inherently OA. Trillanes is just a product of that whole backward political subculture.

[Photo source: Jonathan Andal]

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