Acts of VANDALISM left by communist militants reported following the September 21 #NeverAgain “Grand Rally” in Manila

Last most of us heard, acts of vandalism are crimes. Indeed, millions of pesos are likely spent (or not spent seeing just how decrepit many public facilities are in the Philippines) cleaning up the messes left in the aftermath of antisocial behaviour.

Following yesterday’s September 21 mass “action” to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, reports of vandalism evidently perpetrated by these “activists” have began to emerge.

This one appears to bear the statement “Never Again Marcos”.

Another seems to read “Isulong and sosyalismo” (“push for socialism”)…

Both of the above photos were shared by Twitter user @elvinonay.

Coincidentally, another photo shared by Twitter user @RobertMcNugget shows what appear to be “activists” armed with spray paint in a blatant act of vandalism.

Note the Anakbayan flag suggesting that these vandals are associated with its chapter based at the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) College of Arts and Letters (CAL).

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