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Opposition has nothing better to do than put up roadblocks to the government’s pandemic response

“Penalize” Winnie says? The vaccine supply situation at present is similar to the alcohol supply situation in Bangladesh when I was there on business in 1998 – you drank what was available given it’s an Islamic country. You had no choice. In her Inquirer column today “Why penalize us for choosing better vaccine?”, Winnie Monsod […]


Run up to elections and sub-par pandemic response contribute to mixed economic outlook

Time to write off 2021. One can only hope that it’s not worse than 2020. The major mistake was reopening the economy without a unified contact-tracing system in place and local government units (LGUs) being remiss in enforcing minimum health protocols. Add to this the arrival of the new and more contagious variants and this […]


Corruption at LGU level behind inefficient pandemic response in Metro Manila

Boo Chanco’s call for Filipinos to “just work together” is nothing but a puff piece in disguise. Again, the pertinent question not asked is, what are the LGUs doing to address the problems of their constituents in the pandemic? This is the question Chanco conveniently sidesteps in aid of election puff taking the opportunity, instead, […]

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Culture of “VIP treatment” in the Philippines spotlighted following Koko Pimentel quarantine break

A media and social media storm now rages around Senator Koko Pimentel after he was found to have violated quarantine protocols after he accompanied his pregnant wife info the Makati Medical Center. Pimentel is in quarantine after an 11th March report that confirmed a Senate “resource speaker” was “positive for COVID-19”. This promoted several senators […]

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DANGEROUS people like Rappler “reporter” @Natashya_G who DEMAND that the govt “earn our trust” before complying

In these times of global crisis when strong measures need to be implemented and people need to co-operate and work together with their governments to mitigate further risks to the rest of humanity, people like Rappler “reporter” Natashya Gutierrez are a dangerous lot. Calling for people to demand conditions before complying with government measures to […]