If Filipinos could choose their foreign occupier, should they choose China?

The present government is really no different to any preceding government. It is run by Pinoys, and therefore proposes Pinoy solutions to (perceived) Pinoy problems … which, more often than not, are actually symptoms, not the problem itself.

Pinoy leaders refuse to look outside of their narrow viewpoint because they can’t. They’re too Proud. To admit that they don’t know everything would strike at the very core of their being.

It will, unfortunately, take an outsider to fix this. My prediction is that China will try to frame the Philippines as a threat to international stability (which, in fact, it is) and use that as an excuse to install a “peacekeeping force”. This will then be used as a beachhead for an economic takeover and de facto colonization. If Xi manages to consolidate his stranglehold over the CCP, this could happen before 2030.

Up to a point, that would be good for the country. The culture of violence, stupidity and laziness will not be tolerated, and that will fix a lot of problems. On the other hand, if you could choose your occupier, I personally wouldn’t choose China. It would be far better to call for international assistance now, while you can still do it on your own terms.

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