Luneta is in Manila. The Sept 21 #NeverAgain rally is at the Luneta. This rally is an IMPERIAL MANILA thing!

Think about it. Why are all these “activist” rallies organised primarily in Manila. It’s because the “thought leaders” of Filipino activists are mostly Manila folk. Doesn’t that come across as a bit disturbing to Filipinos who come from the rest of the archipelago?

Indeed, located right smack at the centre of Luneta Park, right in front of the Rizal Monument is Kilometre Zero from which all milestones that mark Philippine highways are referenced. Indeed it is true. ALL ROADS lead to Manila — including Philippine politics!

Make no mistake. Like the EDSA “revolution” of 1986 and all the other “activist” circuses launched by the same all-too-familiar personalities, much of what dictates the Philippines’ political ebbs and flows emanates from Imperial Manila.

Elementary statistics teaches us that for a sample to be truly representative of a population, it should be comprised of randomly-selected elements. Manila rallies are anything but representative of the Philippine population overall. This means most Filipinos are being taken for a ride by Imperial Manila “activists”.

“Activists” who have nothing to offer and are “united” for the wrong reasons can only scream “#NEVERAGAIN”!

What exactly does “never again” even mean? The typical Yellowtard “activist” will of course insist that they are “fighting” for a future where the “Martial Law Years” never again happen.

Now it is quite interesting to note that an entire “activist” movement is premised on an assumption about the future based on imagined “historic parallels” held by these activists.

In reality making forecasts is dfficult to begin with. Even the hardest-core “data science” pros get it right only half the time. We can see this in the lame assumptions about our purchasing behaviour that go into the ads served to us by Google and Facebook. And that’s with the benefit of a vast trove of data these billion-dollar enterprises collect from us hapless users.

Yet every two-bit Filipino “activist” and her askal insist that, looming in the horizon, are the “dark clouds of tyranny”. They issue these shrill cries on the basis of no data. Imagine that!

Ask the right questions and the average Filipino “activist” will be left scratching her sun-baked head. The worst of the lot will merely pump up the volume and shrillness of their brain-dead sloganeering. In such an environment, there can be no real thinking, only brainless shrieking.

[Photo source: CNN.]

Leni Robredo is incapable of taking a position on CRITICAL national issues

The Philippines’ “vice president” Leni Robredo is renowned for starting every statement with the phrase “ang sa akin lang naman” (in my humble opinion). As in something like this, for example…

Ang sa akin lang naman, Martial Law in Mindanao won’t be effective

Blah blah blah… And more of that to the same effect.

What does Robredo’s propose? Essentially nothing.

The trouble with that is, Filipinos are all options but no roadmap. As such, Robredo mirrors the essence of the failure of the Philippine Opposition. They make a lot of noise about options (packaged as being “critical” of the administration) yet offer no pathway forward.

It is hardly surprising why the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards continues to fail.