Yellowtards have turned Martial Law Crybabyism into a national religion

The Yellowtards had made a small intellectual mistake and turned it into a colossal case of intellectual dishonesty. By implying that those who challenge their account of the “Martial Law Years” and slapped the label “revisionist” across their faces, they have elevated their Martial Law narrative of superstitious fear and loathing into no less than a national dogma.

So now, right up there with Roman Catholicism is the second state religion: Martial Law Crybabyism.

The two national dogmas now stand as non-debatable edifices of traditional Filipino thinking. The tenets of these two vast frameworks of thought are what Filipinos are told to think by the powers that be.

In essence, those who use these two state religions to win arguments are not contributing to creating a true Filipino thinking class. They are, instead, further dumbing down the discourse and making Filipinos even more susceptible to the very “fake news” the Yellowtards profess to hate.

Rather than encourage Filipinos to critically challenge ideas and not engage in groupthink, the Yellowtards prefer that their flock toe the line and sing from a single hymn book. That’s not going to create a modern society anytime soon.

History is not “non-debatable”. True scholars of history are always open to debate, new information, and new points of view.

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