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As expected, trust Rappler’s chi chi amigas halfway around the world to weigh in on its “plight” with a “report” on the matter. Alexandra Stevenson reports in the recent New York Times piece “Philippines Says It Will Charge Veteran Journalist Critical of Duterte” that the Philippine government intends to pursue a tax evasion case against…

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If the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition are building an entire campaign platform on the idea that Philippine democracy is “dying” then they are truly in big trouble. Many events have shown that this is not true. They have lied to Filipinos. They have lied to the foreign media. And they had lied to the International Criminal…

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I’ve been with ABS-CBN News for the past 17 years so I know the history of [Cheryl “Chair” Favila’s] rise to power. It started when @maria_ressa promoted Chair to take over the job Maria’s married partner @bethfrondoso vacated. Chair was different from Beth because she rubbed elbows with the anchors and upper management, while Beth…

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