The Mentally-colonial “activism” of Joma Sison and Maria Ressa

What the heck has happened to Filipino “activism”? It’s become so schizophrenic and confused that it is now beyond all recognition. The country’s foremost “activists” are now rabidly and desperately calling for foreign intervention. Even top Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) honcho Joma Sison is calling for no less than the United States to […]


The mystery of why Filipino communists such as @LFSPhilippines would be in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists

Isn’t the League of Filipino Students (LFS) a communist front? Indeed, it is therefore quite baffling that they’d stand in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists who are rallying against their comrades in the mainland. STAND WITH THE PEOPLE OF HONG KONG! EXPOSE AND OPPOSE CHINA EXTRADITION! The League of Filipino Students stands in solidarity with […]

Message to incoming University students: Student “activism” is a COMPLETE waste of time

Credit goes to student “activists”. They manage to attract a lot of media coverage and are a convenient moral crutch for the social-climbing virtue-signalling folk that infest social media. Thing is, much the same way as Tito Vic and Joey and folks like Kim Kardashian also attract a lot of eyeballs, being a media figure […]


Organising an “anti Red tagging” campaign under the Anakbayan banner ain’t very smart

You know what is even dumber than allowing yourself to be recruited by campus communists? “Denouncing” so-called “red tagging” while flying the Anakbayan banner. But that is exactly what a bunch of student “activists” from various universities did! Perhaps, indeed, these students should focus more of their time as university students learning how to think […]