The Mentally-colonial “activism” of Joma Sison and Maria Ressa

What the heck has happened to Filipino “activism”? It’s become so schizophrenic and confused that it is now beyond all recognition. The country’s foremost “activists” are now rabidly and desperately calling for foreign intervention. Even top Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) honcho Joma Sison is calling for no less than the United States to come to the rescue of their hapless “proletariat”. ABS-CBN News reports that “Sison says US could order arrest of ‘traitor’ Duterte”…

“Without firing a single shot, the US can easily instruct its following within the military and police forces under Duterte to take him into custody as a traitor and to install vice president Robredo as the constitutional successor,” Sison said in a statement.

This position of the Philippines’ top commie runs counter to the sloganeering infrastructure of the vast community of university campus “cause oriented groups” infested by his own comrades.

c.2015: UP ‘activists’ denounced the ‘US-Aquino’ regime…
c.2018: Same slogan, different president.

This is the reason why Filipino “activists” — specially the communist variety amongst them — have lost all credibility. Indeed it is quite dishonest of them to be blaming everything that they think is “wrong” in the Philippines on anything or anyone other than themselves.

Sison has joined his pal Rappler CEO Maria Ressa in what had become the prevalent intellectually-dishonest “activist” approach of the 21st Century: Mentally-colonial “activism”.

The mystery of why Filipino communists such as @LFSPhilippines would be in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists

Isn’t the League of Filipino Students (LFS) a communist front? Indeed, it is therefore quite baffling that they’d stand in “solidarity” with Hong Kong activists who are rallying against their comrades in the mainland.


The League of Filipino Students stands in solidarity with thousands of Hong Kong protesters, majorly led by students, in their fight against the proposed reading of pro-Beijing Hong Kong administration’s Extradition Bill.

In his Message to the League of Filipino Students on the Occasion of Its 25th Founding Anniversary, Joma Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) had this to advise to its his young comrades…

You must strive to consolidate your ranks through studies, tasking of members and checking their work. Consolidation leads to immediate and long-term expansion. In fact it means you expand the number of the most conscious and most militant members. As part of consolidation, the current pool of members is also required to recruit new members.

Inconsistent ‘activism’: The Philippines’ foremost activists like the left-leaning Inday Espina Varona and Tonyo Cruz come across as elitist even as they supposedly champion issues important to the masses.

Why would communists oppose their own motherland’s consolidation of their own authority over an outpost of capitalism — an affront to their state ideology — that they had tolerated for almost a hundred years? The People’s Republic of China, after all, is a communist state. One would expect that Filipino communists would be aware of that fact.

The astounding inconsistency of the “activism” of Filipino communists as evident in the baffling position its front organisations like the LFS would take is why they continue to fail to redeem their lost credibility.

Message to incoming University students: Student “activism” is a COMPLETE waste of time

Credit goes to student “activists”. They manage to attract a lot of media coverage and are a convenient moral crutch for the social-climbing virtue-signalling folk that infest social media.

Thing is, much the same way as Tito Vic and Joey and folks like Kim Kardashian also attract a lot of eyeballs, being a media figure does not necessarily make one a source of intellectual substance. Therefore the idea that the “voice” of student “activism” should be one that should be taken seriously, much less heeded, needs to be challenged.

These are, after all, students. A student’s job is to learn her lessons well. There are no lessons to be learned along picket lines organised by “cause-oriented” groups like Anakbayan other than the bullshit of top Filipino communist honcho Joma Sison.

The future of the Philippines lies in citizens who could build stuff — not Filipinos whose idea of pushing “change” is chanting obsolete slogans on the streets. There is no cause to “fight”. Only a nation to build. This can only be done if you get on top of your math and science subjects, submit your sociology papers, and appreciate the finer points of applying what you learned in your accounting and finance courses in real life.

Don’t give your life to Joma Sison. He’s just laughing at you all the way from the Netherlands where he leads a comfy life “in exile”.

Organising an “anti Red tagging” campaign under the Anakbayan banner ain’t very smart

You know what is even dumber than allowing yourself to be recruited by campus communists? “Denouncing” so-called “red tagging” while flying the Anakbayan banner.

But that is exactly what a bunch of student “activists” from various universities did!

Perhaps, indeed, these students should focus more of their time as university students learning how to think than joining these “activist” rallies. Had they bothered to do a bit of research they would’ve found that they don’t need the Armed Forces of the Philippines to do any sort of “red tagging” to out them as communists. Merely marching under the Anakbayan flag already does the job handily.

Anakbayan makes no secret about its subordination to the cause of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as this 2007 report on their rabid support for its founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison shows…

Anakbayan and [the League of Filipino Students (LFS)] both launched ‘Free Joma’ campaigns when Sison was arrested last August 28 by Dutch authorities for allegedly ordering the murder in the Philippines of former CPP leaders Romulo Kintanar in 2003 and Arturo Tabara in 2006.

The CPP, which Sison founded in 1968, and its armed wing, the 6,300-strong New People’s Army, have waged a Maoist rebellion for nearly four decades. Sison has been on self-exile in The Netherlands since 1987.

The youth groups added that they will join other organizations led by the Bagong Alyansang Makbayan (Bayan) in a “victory rally” for Sison’s release later in the day.

Just the facts. And the facts show, Anakbayan is a communist organisation. These university students are being had. Big time.