Message to incoming University students: Student “activism” is a COMPLETE waste of time


Credit goes to student “activists”. They manage to attract a lot of media coverage and are a convenient moral crutch for the social-climbing virtue-signalling folk that infest social media.

Thing is, much the same way as Tito Vic and Joey and folks like Kim Kardashian also attract a lot of eyeballs, being a media figure does not necessarily make one a source of intellectual substance. Therefore the idea that the “voice” of student “activism” should be one that should be taken seriously, much less heeded, needs to be challenged.

These are, after all, students. A student’s job is to learn her lessons well. There are no lessons to be learned along picket lines organised by “cause-oriented” groups like Anakbayan other than the bullshit of top Filipino communist honcho Joma Sison.

The future of the Philippines lies in citizens who could build stuff — not Filipinos whose idea of pushing “change” is chanting obsolete slogans on the streets. There is no cause to “fight”. Only a nation to build. This can only be done if you get on top of your math and science subjects, submit your sociology papers, and appreciate the finer points of applying what you learned in your accounting and finance courses in real life.

Don’t give your life to Joma Sison. He’s just laughing at you all the way from the Netherlands where he leads a comfy life “in exile”.

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