Taxpayer-funded Martial Law Crybaby memorial to be erected on prime UP Diliman campus land!

It seems another taxpayer-funded monument to “the heroism of human rights violations victims during martial rule in the Philippines from 1972 to 1986” will be built. Haven’t Filipinos had enough of “memorials” that divide rather than unite? It seems certain little cliques in Philippine society are bent on keeping Filipinos imprisoned in Martial Law Crybabyism.

The blurb on the website of The Freedom Memorial Museum, a flagship project of the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission mandated by Republic Act 10368, carries on thus…

It shall revisit a period of tyranny that bred reformists, revolutionaries and freedom-fighters from among farmers and professionals, workers and academics, students and religious activists. It aims to build an experiential tapestry of lives, ideals, courage and determination of the victims and, in the end, the heroes of freedom.

Blah blah blah. Cutting to the main punchline…

It shall be a lasting symbol of the long-fought battle against authoritarian rule that culminated in the globally-acclaimed EDSA People Power revolt in 1986.

A design competition for the The Freedom Memorial Museum is underway.

But of course. Another Yellowtard memorial. The trouble with Yellowtard memorials is that what these seek to immortalise all remain not only hopelessly debatable but acute partisan sore points that are epicentres of deep divisions in Philippine society. If a monument funded by taxpayers is put up on the most prestigious campus of the Philippines’ premiere state university, it raises the question around whether it will be representative of the broad public’s sentiment.

Quite predictably, members of the Yellowtards’ brains trust are ecstatic.

This latest Yellowtard edifice erected on the grounds of an educational institution further adds to a vast portfolio of Yellowtard propaganda already infesting the system miseducating future generations of Filipinos.

According to a VERA Files report published by ABS-CBN News, the memorial was “launched on April 28, 2016, just before the presidential elections of that year.” Convenient, right? Just a little project snuck into the budget just before the collapse of all Yellowtardom just a month later that year.

Seeing Imelda Marcos in Malacanang makes Mr @JCpunongbayan’s blood “boil”

Chief Yellowtard “Economist” JC Punongbayan harbours strong personal emotions about former First Lady Imelda Marcos being in Malacanang…

Unfortunately for this little snowflake, Marcos’s kid Imee Marcos actually won an election. With her and a bunch of politicians who are friendly with the Marcoses in power, the Yellowtard mob can only sit back and eat their hearts out. That’s a lot more that could be said about the Marcos camp than any of the Yellowtard candidates in the Otso Diretso bloc who all suffered catastrophic defeat in this year’s elections.

Throwing a quaint tantrum about not seeing the world going about things the way one wants it to go may be therapeutic, perhaps. But it goes nowhere towards actually influencing the way things will go henceforth. The way the world works does not bow to anyone’s view of how things ought to be. That is an important lesson Mr. Punongbayan ought to learn.

To get things done in a democracy, one needs to win an election. And that involves getting Filipinos on board with one’s vision of how things ought to be. That’s just the way democracy works. The Yellowtards should, instead, make productive use of all the free time they enjoy nowadays and consider enrolling in a How To Win A National Election class.

The latest “woke” activist fashion statement is to repeatedly tweet “DUTERTE DUWAG”

As demonstrated by Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan in this tweet, the imagination and creativity applied by the Yellowtards to their “activism” does not amount to much.

Him and a few others (look through the thread that that the above tweet links to) are having a go and it seems to be a the latest “woke” thing amongst the fashionistas of the Philippines’ chattering classes. Is this the limit of the extent to which the Yellowtards can apply themselves to their “cause”?

Perhaps therein lies the whole problem with today’s “opposition”. They continue to fail to offer alternatives and, instead, seek to simply undermine to no productive ends.

Duterte reunited the Filipino people after Aquino and the Yellowtards divided and polarised them for decades

This, in a tweet, is how Chief Yellowtard Economist JC Punongbayan describes the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…

A despotic, inept, and petty regime that polarized our political landscape, induced the backsliding of our democracy, and compromised our national sovereignty like never before.

Punongbayan forgets, however, that it was Duterte’s predecessor, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III who, rather than wear the national colours, wore his party’s yellow coloured ribbon on public occasions over the entirety of his term.

In contrast, Duterte even during his campaign in the lead up to his victory in the 2016 elections brought back the tradition of wearing the national colours that was all but lost over the 30 years that the Yellowtards ruled the Philippines’ political narrative.

Yellowtards like Punongbayan need to get their facts straight before issuing such baseless assertions. They fail to realise that it is this bad habit that lost them an entire nation.

Infantile thinking: Yellowtards like @JCPunongbayan slam newly-passed Human Settlements Department bill just because of its association to Imelda Marcos

The Philippine Senate today passed a new bill creating the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. SB 1578 became law Monday, November 12, 2018.

Almost on queue, Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies are quick to point out the historical connection between this department and that of “The Marcos Regime”. Here is Yellowtard “economist” JC Punongbayan doing what he and his lot do best

By reviving a Marcosian brainchild, the present Congress seems to be making a most unwelcome and unpalatable throwback to the Marcos regime. #NeverForget

Why can’t the Yellowtards apply a prospective lens to the evaluation of developments like this rather than the bitter backward-oriented style of thinking they contribute? Is this historical association even relevant to an objective evaluation of the merits of this bill?

And we wonder why the Philippines did not progress after 30 years of domination of the poltical narrative by these bozos.

Poor performance of Philippine stock market unfairly blamed on Duterte govt by “economist” @JCPunongbayan

As usual aspiring PhD in “economics” JC Punongbayan issues a biased assessment of what is driving a downturn in Philippine stock indices of late. In his recent Rappler piece Why is the PH stock market among world’s worst? (prefixed by the word “analysis” in all caps just to make sure readers recognise it as such), Punongbayan burns easily 80 percent of the bandwidth allotted to his “analysis” on parroting textbook fodder to explain what the share market is all about. The 20 percent leaves only a sophomoric analysis based on, true to Punongbayan form, incomplete data.

Using the word “data” in an assessment of a Punongbayan “analysis” is, for that matter, being too kind. Punongbayan’s thesis in this piece is that capital is fleeing the Philippines’ equity markets because of perceptions created by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte of an unstable business environment. Our PhD candidate cites the usual suspects — the TRAIN law, its imagined contribution to high inflation, and the “overheating” risks he conjectures the infrastructure programs of this government would cause.

But citing “perception” to buttress an “analysis” of the share market is a double-edged sword. Punongbayan conveniently or, shall we say, selectively leaves out the other edge — the ill perceptions being created by the Yellowtard-led Opposition in the manner with which they go to lengths to conscript their cronies in Western Corporate Media to the cause of slandering their own country. In fact, I point out in my earlier article that The Philippine Opposition’s only REAL goal is to SABOTAGE the Philippine economy, and that this nefarious media blitz is but the tip of the iceberg of a vast negative perception campaign being mounted by the Yellowtards…

The underlying thing that is notable amidst all this is how the Yellowtards are working closely with elements of the Communist Party of the Philippines in opposing the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Many of the labour protests covered by Media have a common denominator — they are all supported by the usual suspects: communist-infiltrated “activist” organisations that draw their supply of warm bodies and hollowheaded “idealists” from university campuses across the country. This is evident in the familiar red flags being waved amidst rallying crowds and protest marches, the familiar “US-[insert name of current president here] Dictatorship” slogans being chanted, and the same personalities who have made “careers” out of leading these rallies.

…all for the purpose of creating an environment that could enable another one of their ouster bids.

So, again, Punongbayan arrives at a conclusion that stands on only one leg (i.e. the biased view that it is only Duterte’s actions driving market behaviour), further highlighting the sort of slant that has no place in a true scientific analysis.