Duterte’s foreign policy “PURELY EMBARASSING” according to @Richeydarian!

This statement tweeted by Richard Heydarian is proof that this self-appointed “thought leader” is partisan. As a political pundit, one should just be telling it like it is.

Usually travel half of the year round the world for talks and lectures. Honestly, explaining DUTERTE FOREIGN POLICY these days is… just purely embarassing 🙈

To be embarrassed by someone’s foreign policy means one is disappointed it doesn’t fit one’s personal narrative and bias towards or against something. Heydarian should stick to facts.

‘Purely embarassing’, according to Richard Heydarian

Why would anyone feel embarrassed about the President’s foreign policy? It actually promotes a diplomatic approach to dealing with a highly sensitive issue. Only those who are strongly against China would feel embarrassed.

Heydarian inadvertently admitted that he is not a reliable source of insight and information. His bias against Duterte and China muddles rather than clarifies the issues he seeks to highlight.

Victim Card rather than NATIONAL GRIT on exhibit as Reed Bank fishing boat “collision” brouhaha rages!

China is appealing for restraint. Imagine that. Kung sino pa yung may capability to blow us into smithereens sila pa yung ayaw ng gyera. But the dilawans? They want Duterte to declare war! Now na! And they do it by, yet again, playing the Victim Card.

Indeed, I don’t understand why the captain of the Filipino fishing boat feels betrayed. He should be proud of himself for standing his ground for the Philippines during the ramming incident. He should be telling us how glorious it was to fight for our rights and not tell us tales of woes. Even before Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made a statement about the collision between the Filipino fishing boat and the Chinese vessel, the Filipino captain was already speaking about his disappointment in Duterte to the media and is even reluctant to go and speak to the President in person. He just wants the attention of the media, it seems.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Duterte, for his part, does not care if his decision or statements are unpopular. He doesn’t care if he disappoints some of his supporters. He was like that when he criticised the Kapa scheme and he’s doing that with the fishing boat incident. He’s not into popularity — only what can and needs to be done to move forward.

A solid foundation is needed to act intelligently and with honor. Being all shrill about what amounts to no more than hearsay and speculation will not get us there.

Can the Philippines cut ties with China? Yes it can!

According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, the Philippine government is considering the option to “cut off diplomatic relations” with China if it is found that a Chinese vessel intentionally collided with a Philippine fishing boat and and then left its crew of 22 as their vessel sank.

Cutting ties with China will be a good thing for Filipinos. Without Chinese influence and having turned their backs to their former colonial master the United States, Filipinos will finally be forced to learn to be truly independent and self-reliant.

Can it be done?

It certainly can.

The Philippines is doomed to suffer one-way relationships with global powers like China.

The Philippines is a resource rich nation. All it lacks is the skill to productively use its abundant natural resources and vast pool of workers and other human resources to create economic value. But in the age of the Internet, access to information has never been easier. Indeed, Filipinos only need to ditch their pathological dependence on foreign expertise and captial and take the time to actually learn how to do and make things on their own. In this way, they can build an economy that is self sufficient and not subject to the vicissitudes of the global market.

It’s time Filipinos learn to stand on their own two feet. Being without China, the US or any other generous foreign patron will be a much-needed kick in the ass for a people long accustomed to foreign meddlers bailing it out of problems of their own doing.

Chinese vessel leaves 22 Filipino seamen to die after ramming and sinking their ship

It seems the Chinese aren’t really a nice bunch of people. After a Chinese fishing vessel allegedly ramming and sank a Filipino boat, it left its crew of 22 to a possible death at sea. Neither the Chinese government nor Malacanang have made official statements on the matter beyond a statement issued by the Philippines’ Secretary of Defense Delfin Lorenzana who described what happened as “not the expected action from a responsible and friendly people.”

This leaves a lot of people in a difficult situation. With a growing resident population of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, possible racial tensions could start to simmer. It also does not help that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has cultivated a cozy relationship with China and has been viciously criticised for it by the Opposition.

There is a big lesson to be learnt here and it is that the Philippines needs to be more independent and self-directed in its conduct among its global peers. It is quite evident that there is a lack of healthy two-way respect between China and the Philippines. A relationship with no mutual respect is one that is doomed and may be potentially damaging if not rectified.

Leni Robredo’s dumb statements about Chinese tourist ‘taho’ incident an embarrassment to Filipinos

Yellows like Leni Robredo are creating a national issue over something trivial. In fact, they even want to create a diplomatic row with China over the bad behaviour of a Chinese tourist who acted on her own. Throwing taho is not part of Chinese government policy. Leni Robredo & Co make it look like it is.

According to a Manila Bulletin report Robredo even insisted that “the Chinese woman who threw a soybean curd drink was ‘disrespectful’ not only to the police officer, but also to the country.”

Leni is an embarrassment to the world. What a shame Filipinos have to suffer because she can’t keep her mouth shut. Now the Chinese ambassador had to issue a statement it was an isolated incident. But of course! Leni and her supporters just saw an opportunity to play victim.

Such is the uncalled-for outrage that Chinese ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua has weighed in on the matter.

“All Chinese here in the Philippines should abide by local regulations and laws,” Jianhua said in a text message.

He added that the incident was an isolated case and “should be treated as such.”

Filipinos will have to learn to isolate core issues and regard them in proper perspective. This incident has shown that they cannot rely on so-called “thought leaders” like Opposition leader and presumptive “vice president” Leni Robredo for wisdom in times of confusion. As is evident now, Robredo misguided Filipinos and incited xenophobia rather than encourage circumspection.

Leni clearly doesn’t have any diplomatic skills. She’s only using every opportunity to get back at the Duterte govt. She’s a disgrace!

Filipino overreaction to Chinese lady who threw taho on a cop reveals national INSECURITY

The Yellows want to create a diplomatic row against China over a Chinese tourist who threw a taho snack on a local cop. You can see now why former President Noynoy Aquino lost the disputed island in the South China Sea. Noynoy and his yellow gang are not diplomatic and can’t solve problems without being too emotional.

According to a Manila Bulletin report vice president Leni Robredo even insisted that “the Chinese woman who threw a soybean curd drink was ‘disrespectful’ not only to the police officer, but also to the country.”


Imagine if Leni was President. She could declare war against China over the “taho” throwing incident involving a Chinese tourist and a local cop. What a disaster!

Pot calling the kettle black? Filipinos are selective in the ‘outrage’ they express on social media.

While the Chinese tourist was wrong to throw her taho snack on a cop, we can’t generalise all Chinese as disrespectful to Filipinos. And let’s just say they are, perhaps we should practice some introspection on why they are disrespectful. Are Filipinos, for example, respectful of their own environment?

For that matter, are Filipinos even respectful to each other? Just look at the way some behave in traffic and in public spaces. It is easy to see there are a lot who do not respect the law and do not give courtesy to others. If you don’t have self-respect, how can you expect others to respect you?

Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland (@cafreeland) seems to be calling the Philippine government a LIAR

A statement tweeted by Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, seems to insinuate a position her government is taking on the credibility of the Philippine government.

Canada remains deeply concerned for the security and safety of @mariaressa in the #Philippines. The harassment and intimidation of journalists have no place in democracy. We call for due process to be respected and stand with all journalists working in defence of the truth.

So suspected tax evader Maria Ressa is “working in defence of the truth”? Is the Canadian government implying that the officials of the Philippine government are a bunch of liars and that Ressa is telling the truth?

If Freeland is truly sincere about justice prevailing, she ought to wait for a proper Philippine court to rule on who really is telling the truth.

Until then, her government should butt out of Ressa’s case and keep her opinion on how the Philippines’ justice system is handling the matter.