Can the Philippines cut ties with China? Yes it can!

According to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, the Philippine government is considering the option to “cut off diplomatic relations” with China if it is found that a Chinese vessel intentionally collided with a Philippine fishing boat and and then left its crew of 22 as their vessel sank.

Cutting ties with China will be a good thing for Filipinos. Without Chinese influence and having turned their backs to their former colonial master the United States, Filipinos will finally be forced to learn to be truly independent and self-reliant.

Can it be done?

It certainly can.

The Philippines is doomed to suffer one-way relationships with global powers like China.

The Philippines is a resource rich nation. All it lacks is the skill to productively use its abundant natural resources and vast pool of workers and other human resources to create economic value. But in the age of the Internet, access to information has never been easier. Indeed, Filipinos only need to ditch their pathological dependence on foreign expertise and captial and take the time to actually learn how to do and make things on their own. In this way, they can build an economy that is self sufficient and not subject to the vicissitudes of the global market.

It’s time Filipinos learn to stand on their own two feet. Being without China, the US or any other generous foreign patron will be a much-needed kick in the ass for a people long accustomed to foreign meddlers bailing it out of problems of their own doing.

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