Dysfunctional Philippine bureaucracy cannot be solved by one president in just 6 years

The raging debate since the first lockdown has been about social amelioration. Having first-hand experience in government at the local government unit (LGU) level, I’ve seen the inefficiencies in its operations and the policy disconnect unless the two top officials work together for the benefit of their constituents. Tax the rich to give to the […]

#CommunityPantry initiatives framed as “silent revolution” not helping Opposition bid for 2022

Like I’ve seen saying all along, there is no issue with giving. Charity begins at home as the cliché goes. What these Opposition “thought leaders” don’t address is the question of the need to encourage dependency on government, which is what they’ve been carping about since the pandemic began. If the idea is to feed […]

Leftist-liberal-militant groups specialise in romanticising and politicising the poor

It’s a certainty that Inquirer columnist Randy David will write a column about the community pantry and so he does. He touches ever so slightly and only in passing on the incident that marred Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) “community pantry”. Over the years, Filipinos have learned to fall in line and wait for their […]

Angel Locsin #CommunityPantry fiasco highlights the indolence of the Filipino poor

He wishes for anarchy. ABS-CBN starlet Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) community pantry fiasco yesterday shows the indolence of the Filipino poor. Aasa sa bigay. Opposition “thought leader” Cocoy Dayao’s dream is for Pinoys to go out in the streets and demand that Duterte step down before May 2022. This is why community pantries are […]