Alleged leaked screenshots reveal possible funding of @PinoyAkoBlog by Kris Aquino Inc!

What appear to be screenshots of Facebook Messenger chats between Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio and Nicko Falcis have emerged. The conversations supposedly between Laurio and Falcis seem to involve instructions and confirmation to “boost” (pay Facebook for extra exposure on users’ timelines) Laurio’s articles published on her site Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB).

The screenshots were made public on Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page For the Motherland starting with this one

Sasot further reveals that each boost costs Php3000…

…and that “Nicko” supplies Laurio with credit cards used to fund these Facebook boosts…

Nicko Falcis is an entrepreneur and is credited with the establishment of TV personality Kris Aquino as a major “digital star” as managing director of Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP). Falcis has since had a falling out with Aquino after the latter filed a “qualified theft” complaint against him in October 2018.

According to a statement released by his brother, lawyer Jesus Falcis, Nicko remains in the US and has yet to answer the charges. The falling out, according to Jesus, was likely a result of demands being made by Aquino that went beyond what Nicko was able to physically deliver. See the full video of the statement delivered by Jesus Falcis here.

Opposition lacks skilled bloggers to effect lasting influence on electorate

This article is taking a shot at Jover Laurio of @PinoyAkoBlog especially the part where the writer said “One must learn to write well. Learn writing techniques”. Jover definitely needs to improve on her “craft”.

The time for truth is always now. In this age of misinformation, disinformation and viral deception, a call for more writers is needed. More than fact-checking, we need truth tellers. Lies travel faster than the truth. When you don’t call out the lies, you are contributing to the disinformation. By not speaking up, you are allowing the lie to spread.

Noemi Dado, a blogger biased towards the Opposition, finally admitted they do not have bloggers with the right skill and wit to win debates.

Where are the Atenistas who are quick to correct other people’s grammar? They obviously don’t have the balls to publicise their thoughts. They fear being criticised. Shame.

Tonyo Cruz declares himself one of the “good guys” in a battle between “good” and “evil”!

The title alone says something of the lofty pedestal upon which some “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition have set themselves upon. Tonyo Cruz’s piece (Some) evil was defeated published on Rappler presumes to paint a narrative of Good vs Evil with, of course, his handpicked cronies cast as the good guys.

Most bizarre of all, they also declare themselves the winner in this “battle”…

We turned back this unholy triad of fake news peddlers in 2018. They are less effective now. Fewer people follow them. They have lost their posts in government. In the case of Uson, she faces graft and corruption charges which we hope the Ombudsman would hear and investigate immediately.

Cruz is referring, of course, to popular bloggers RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Margaux “Mocha” Uson. Whatever he is claiming is of course subject to debate on the bases of facts — say, engagement statistics or some measure of influence on public opinion based on other metrics. But the crux of Cruz’s message, that these three personalities are “evil” and he and his camp the good guys, is not even worthy of intelligent debate.

As my colleague Ilda observes, “I think it’s very self-righteous of some to declare other bloggers they don’t agree with as ‘evil’. Besides, it’s too early to tell if a popular blogger’s influence is gone. There is no proof of this. We’ll all find out after the mid term election.”

Tonyo Cruz is pretty sure of himself asserting who wears the halo in the “war” he imagines is raging in Philippine society. “Some evil was defeated this 2018. We have to work harder to defeat more of them in 2019,” Cruz crows.

Rappler contributor Tonyo Cruz

But of course. I’m pretty sure everyone is looking forward to seeing what you mean by “working harder” Mr Cruz, because, as far as can be observed, there really is nothing your commie friends and the Yellowtards who coddle them offer to ordinary Filipinos. To be fair, you were handsomely rewarded with the sorts of pats on the back most social climbers would salivate over.

Add to this powerful motivation, the likely reason you cook up this “good versus evil” war — a lame attempt to distract people from real issues. That pretty much sums up the only real strategy the Yellowtard-led Opposition applies to its dishonest bid to seize power again.

Rappler recipient of “press freedom defense fund” in latest @pressfreedom fund-raising racket

The latest racket to capitalise on the “assault on press freedom” outrage fad has been kicked off seeing that the Committee to Protect Journalists and First Look Media’s Press Freedom Defense Fund Announce Legal Support to Defend Fearless Journalism.

And, surprise surprise…

The first recipients of this newly created campaign will be Rappler, the Philippine-based news organization, and its founder and editor, renowned journalist Maria Ressa.

But of course.

Any “press freedom defense fund” needs a postergirl (and girlettes) for a campaign to play the Victim Card.

The reality is that mainstream media had lost the confidence of a vast swath of its audience. Yet the latest CPJ brainwave describes Rappler as “a leading source of independent information and an inspiration to journalists around the world”.

Nice. Intellectual dishonesty seems to be the only real common denominator that binds the nebulous notion of “press freedom” and these “committees”.

Raissa Robles SAVAGELY BURNED on Twitter after politicising Catriona Gray’s #MissUniverse win

After a display of awe-insping beauty on the outside and the inside following Miss Philippines Catriona Gray winning the 2018 Miss Universe title comes an astounding exhibit of ugliness on the inside and on the outside.

God’s other Gift to Philippine Journalism, Raissa Robles does not waste time when it comes to politicising what would normally have been an event that all Filipinos could celebrate…

When @catrionaelisa comes home, I wonder if a reporter would dare to ask her – Your heart goes out to the children of Tondo. How do you feel about children from Tondo becoming ‘collateral damage’ in the President’s war on drugs? Do you agree they should be treated as such?

Indeed, perhaps a reporter should ask that question. But coming from Robles who presents a stark contrast to the articulate grace and fresh cultural symbol Filipinos are constantly searching for, the otherwise reasonable message gets lost.

If the Opposition were truly serious about winning a PR war against a popular president, they should seriously think again about whether they want to be represented in the media by characters like Raissa Robles. Indeed, it is time the Philippine Opposition take the bold step and ditch the Yellowtards.

Only gullible people buy the Persecution Complex of media personalities like Maria Ressa

The fact that the owners of the Inquirer did not pay their taxes and rent properly is enough proof that some in media think they can hold politicians by the balls and get away with it. They have played king makers for decades particularly after the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Indeed, only gullible people buy this act by media personalities like Maria Ressa who claim that they are being “persecuted”. The fact is, they are still very powerful because they think they can spread lies without being held accountable. For decades, media had been the source of many problems in Philippine society

Who is going to buy TIME Magazine’s People of the Year Asia edition with Maria Ressa on the cover? Most likely the Yellows. The rest of the population already know the write up would be about Ressa’s false claim she is being harassed by the Duterte government.

Some people in media like Maria Ressa are simply trying to assert their power over politicians and others they don’t agree with. They want to change the narrative and manipulate the perception to suit their agenda. They don’t hesitate to use their influence on foreign media to get their way.

Stop the BULLSHIT around Maria Ressa’s @TIME “person of the year” title already!

The editors of TIME magazine come across as lazy for choosing people in their industry as People of the Year. Someone in their meeting probably had a brain wave and said “Let’s just praise journalists this year” for doing what they are supposed to be doing – their jobs.

And so Maria Ressa is one of TIME Magazine’s “People of the Year”? Not surprising since the distinction was given by her fellow journalists who are just promoting one of their own. The irony is, these so-called “guardians of truth” can’t fact-check Ressa’s claims she is being harassed.

This tweet summarises what has been the typical mainstream story today…

TIME’s 2018 Person of the Year: Maria Ressa, CEO and executive editor of Rappler, a news outlet in the Philippines targeted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Correction: Maria Ressa is a journalist who has been caught violating the law. She is not being “targeted” because she is a Duterte critic. There are so many critics out there who don’t get slapped with criminal charges. Stop the bullshit!

Rappler is more a cult of personality than a true news organisation. Its Twitter profile proves it

The Twitter profile of @RapplerDotCom shows that it is more a cult of personality than a true news media organisation. What other news outlet banners an image of its CEO as part of its brand collateral?

What Rappler should really be doing is reporting the news, not lionising its CEO who stands accused for tax evasion.

If the team of Rapplerettes in its payroll are serious about delivering real journalism, they should uphold a culture of sober and level-headed focus on facts and the use of sound information to underpin their news reporting.

Only a Philippine court can decide whether or not Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is guilty of tax evasion

The embattled CEO of Rappler continues her dramatics all the way to court to defend herself against tax evasion charges. In a recent tweet, Maria Ressa insisted that these are charges for crimes she “didn’t commit”.

But, really, Ressa’s innocence or guilt on the matter of her tax evasion charges is not for anyone to decide other than a Philippine court.

Nonetheless, Yellowtards continue to emotionally-blackmail its peers in the industry, ABS-CBN News and GMA News Online to “speak out” on Maria Ressa’s “plight”. Thing is there really is nothing to say on the matter other than that alleged crooks should observe due process and respect the ruling of Philippine courts.

Maria Ressa should behave like a professional rather than like a spoilt brat when facing her tax evasion charges

The demise of Rappler will ultimately be good for the Philippines’ news media industry — because Rappler, led by its CEO Maria Ressa, is disproportionately responsible for casting the entire industry under a bad light thanks to their taste for shrill dramas.

For that matter, why does Maria Ressa keep bothering the Filipino people with her problems? There are so many people dying of hunger and diseases but she keeps giving this impression that she has to be prioritised. Had she kept her affairs in order, she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

According to Rappler minion Chay Hofilena, Ressa declares: “I’m going to challenge the process and I’m going to challenge the charges…I will continue to hold the government accountable.”

To that we say, please do. But do it in a proper court, not in that Court of Public Opinion favoured by the Yellowtards.