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Jim Paredes viral video scandal embedded in #SONA2020 ‘concert’ broadcast on DZRH!

What looks like a video of the “Tinig ng Bayan” concert supposedly led by Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Kakie Pangilinan with a video of Jim Paredes exhibiting lascivious facial gestures was seemingly broadcast over DZRH. The broadcast was apparently captured on video as it was being shown on a television screen and is now being shared over Facebook.

Broadcast of Opposition #SONA2020 ‘concert’ featured an embedded image of Jim Paredes in action but evidently not in tune with the rest.

Though baffling as to why a mainstream media outlet would broadcast such evidently-tampered footage of the event, it can be noted that the video clip of Paredes was so expertly and seamlessly-embedded into the concert footage that it was likely a slip up on the part of the DZRH editorial team.

Paredes was embroiled in a personal “scandal” in 2019 after a video that recorded him engaged in a virtual tryst with an unknown partner over some sort of video chat app was leaked to the public and eventually went viral over social media. Paredes initially denied that he was part of that video but later owned up to it. The moving image of him embedded in the footage aired supposedly over that DZRH broadcast was taken from this leaked 2019 video.

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NB: In a Facebook post, DZRH has apologised for what it calls “lapses in judgement”.

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