The fact that #ABSCBN can still stream TV Patrol over the Net proves this is NOT about “press freedom”

This tweet proves that ABS-CBN and its apologists were misleading Filipinos into thinking that their plight was an issue of “press freedom”.

The fact is, ABS-CBN are not, in any way, being barred from delivering their content over alternative channels after having lost their franchise to broadcast by radio.

Indeed, in an earlier “news” report “ABS-CBN shutdown a ‘blow’ to press freedom: Makati Business Club”, the Philippines’ biggest media conglomerate colluded with a fellow Yellowtard ally, the Makati Business Club to claim exactly that…

“The shutdown of ABS-CBN Corp’s broadcast operations will be a blow to press freedom, which is a pillar of democratic societies such as ours,” the MBC said in a statement.

“It is also a setback at a time when the country needs to be unified against the pandemic. Now more than ever, everyone should be working together on the singular goal of helping each other through this crisis,” the group said.

Goes to show just how dishonest ABS-CBN is. It screeches bloody “assault on press freedom” but neglects to clarify that position as it demonstrates that it evidently remains free to deliver its content to its audience. Dishonesty supposedly does not pay, but ABS-CBN, it seems, has built its entire business on it.

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