Kim Chiu and her #ABSCBN “Kapamilya” story are bad examples to Filipinos

ABS-CBN and its fantards continue their hashtag campaign to support its “plight” and propagate a dishonest victim narrative where the media conglomerate takes a protagonist role in a “battle” against the “tyranny” of the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. What is interesting is that in the course of this emo campaign, even more examples of the mentally-retarding effect of ABS CBN products on Philippine society are revealed.

One of the network’s biggest starlets, Kim Chiu recently issued a lament (captured in this “report”) that would send chills up the spines of most modern educators…

The network was the one which brought the “Big Brother” franchise to the country, and Chiu, speaking in a Facebook live stream Friday, said that the reality show allowed her to dream of a better life.

…referring, thus:

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“Bakit niyo tatanggalan ng pangarap at pag-asa ang isang tao?” she asked, close to tears.

Addressing the government, she told them: “Bakit niyo tatanggalan ang tao na, ‘Gusto kong sumali sa ganito dahil kapag nanalo ako ay maipagamot ko iyong lola ko.'”

“Iyong saya ng bawat Pilipino, kahit maliit lang, pinagkaitan niyo sila ng saya sa panahon na ito.”

Imagine such a role model for the Philippines’ youth — an alumna of low-brow reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother. ABS-CBN seems to see nothing wrong in giving that life path undue profile for young people to look up to just to save its corporate hide.

In essence, Chiu serves herself up as the embodiment of a success pathway that Filipinos could potentially be deprived of as a result of the shutdown of ABS-CBN. She and the “reporter” that frames her story suggests that showbiz and, the worst kind of it, reality TV, is an aspiration that is a pillar of ABS-CBN’s mission to be “in the service of the Filipino”.

Indeed, to suggest further that one could count “the one which brought the ‘Big Brother’ franchise to the country” as a pinnacle of achievement as far as contributing to social development is disturbing. It just proves further that ABS-CBN is not out to be of service to the Filipino but to be a bad influence to them to keep them addicted to their degenerate programming — in the service of their shareholders.

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