Big Corporate Media are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to the COVID-19 crisis

Trust the media? They are making a lot of money off the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to their busywork “reporting” on the crisis. But then you gotta ask: If vastly more people die from hunger than from the coronavirus, why aren’t the media kicking up a proportionate frenzy over world hunger?

Well, this is because stories about the poor don’t sell — or at least attract the eyeballs of people targetted by their advertisers. The coronavirus crisis, however, is not a poor man’s problem. Rich or poor alike, everyone is at risk.

And where rich people are at risk (or give a shit about the story), mainstream media stumble all over themselves to be in on the scoops.

This gets us to wondering whether this is just all a chicken-and-egg thing — whether the panic is caused by the virus itself or the stories being spun around it by so-called journalists. Someone is always profiting from a crisis. Often it is Big Corporate Media who are laughing all the way to the bank when there are tales of woe to tell and doom and gloom to sensationalise.

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