Leni Robredo is using the COVID-19 pandemic to campaign for the next election!


It seems like it. “Vice President” Leni Robredo seems to be a contributor to the ongoing one-upmanship amongst politicians as they scramble to be seen to be doing good amidst the chaos engulfing Metro Manila. She had recently announced that her office will be fielding “free shuttle services” to health workers “and other frontliners”.

One wonders, though, why an office within the Executive Department needs to act autonomously rather than co-ordinate and work cohesively with the broader national government that it is a part of. Nonetheless, the gesture is much appreciated except that it seems to be literally a vehicle for epal, a politically-charged Filipino term for grandstanding, seeing that the vehicles Robredo had repurposed for the job are adorned with tarps bearing her name.

Politicians like Leni Robredo shouldn’t be displaying their names on public property.
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Government resources are government resources and not associated to any particular person who happens to be holding the public office accountable for said resources. Robredo is exhibiting that classic trapo (traditional politician) character Filipinos revile.

To be fair, national elections are just around the corner. However one need be reminded by the gentle words of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) spokesman himself…

Perhaps Robredo should take heed considering her own husband, the late Jesse Robredo, issued a memo banning this very practice in 2010 as Secretary of Interior and Local Government!

Shame shame shame.

“Vice President” Leni Robredo should really consider firing her PR team.

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