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Senate “inquiry” headed by Grace Poe gave ABS-CBN a platform for emotional blackmail

It was like letting lose a cat in a cage full of mice. No less than Senator Bong Go was moved by the Atenista English and grace of ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak to “appeal to President Rodrigo Duterte” to renew the network’s franchise “for the sake of its 11,000 workers”.

ABS-CBN, after all, is the Philippines’ biggest channel for Filipinos’ favourite Batang Yagit style entertainment. Producing these shows is their lucrative expertise. With the Senate set up as a stage for its performance before a national TV audience, ABS-CBN stepped up as the star of the show and the senators set up to play the suckers.

ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak celebrates a successful performance in the Senate.

It is not a surprising result considering that Senator Grace Poe who headed the “inquiry” is, herself, a showbiz product and, more importantly, is both financially and emotionally invested in ABS-CBN on account of her father’s legacy being intimately intertwined with the company’s fortunes.

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Filipinos should understand what really happened yesterday. There was no “aid of legislation” in that exercise. The Senate was conscripted into the service of ABS-CBN. Ironic, right? ABS-CBN claims it operates “in the service of the Filipino”. In the end, it put Filipinos’ representatives in the service of its corporate interests.

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