After years of calling for the VFA to be junked communists like @NatoReyes are now FURIOUS that Duterte might cancel it!

It’s really hard to understand what communists like Renato Reyes really want. For years, Reyes and his comrades have been protesting the presence of US troops on Philippine soil. But now that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is threatening to cancel the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), they still aren’t happy!

What’s up with that? I mean, hasn’t Reyes not heard of the phrase “whatever works!”?

Rather than support the president now that they are working towards a common objective, Reyes and his commie pals are being vindictive. It seems that their real agenda is to claim credit for such an outcome if it does materialise. Now that’s not being very honest about one’s intentions, is it?

Unfortunately for Renato Reyes and his communist pals, this astounding display of inconsistency is costing them political capital.

Communists like Renato Reyes sing a different tune now that Duterte is grabbing credit for anti-US rhetoric.

Reyes and the commies should perhaps learn a bit from people who actually enjoy the trust of the majority of Filipinos and simply be happy that they have found an ally in a person who is in a position to make things happen. The trouble with the communists, however, is they have a track record of not learning much from abundant historical lessons.

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