Yellowtards are now bullying Carlos Yulo (@c_edrielzxs) because he is ok with Duterte!

Yellowtards really don’t understand what democracy is all about. They also don’t understand individual rights, freedom of expression, and respect for people’s personal opinions. This is evident in how they now treat champion Filipino gymnast Carlos Yulo.

The bullying is such that Yulo tweeted his exasperation recently…

This follows a barrage of condemnation directed at him by the Yellowtards after Yulo confirmed that he is a supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Many now regard him as “cancelled” true to form and to the “cancel culture” today’s “woke” Millennials are renowned for — their habit of shutting down people who challenge their views rather than engage in a genuine debate to explore alternative points of view. This is a far cry from a time when top Yellowtard “thought leaders” like Tonyo Cruz gushed at Yulo’s every move.

What is really interesting is that even members of the venerable University of the Philippines Debate Society regard the exercise of engaging dissenting people as “educating” them rather than conversing with them.

Indeed it is quite presumptuous to be “educating” someone on notions that are still subject to debate — such as the question of whether Duterte is doing a good or bad job of leading his countrymen. All one can really do at this point is debate. It seems, however that even those who are supposedly experts on debate still don’t get it.

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