Leni Robredo’s conclusion that Duterte’s drug war is a “failure” is not supported by evidence

Vice President Leni Robredo finally released her “findings” and “recommendations” on the govt’s illegal drug war policy after her prolonged drum roll and it turns out most of it were the same things she’s been saying before she was assigned as co-chair of the Interagency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD). Her conclusion, after 18 days on the job, is it is a “failure”.

But if you were to ask a professional consultant, he would say that there is a process to determine if a policy is a failure or a success. One can’t just declare it a failure just because one doesn’t like it or doesn’t agree with it.

Robredo can keep saying the drug war is a “failure” over and over but it won’t make a difference unless this is supported by evidence and reflects reality. It won’t even change the perception of those who support the policy because she doesn’t have credibility with them.

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In fact, rather than be clear, Robredo seems to muddle the facts the more she speaks…

This is but another example of Leni’s useless drivel. She admits a lot of the info she received was not verified nor backed by data but she still mentioned them anyway. What was the point?!? Her existence in govt is pointless.

Just because Robredo thinks she has a solution to the drug problem doesn’t mean it’s the right one.

How does one even determine how much methamphetamine is in circulation in the country? Leni is in rant mode again but is still lacking in substance.

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