Spread of DISINFORMATION during #SEAGames2019 final NAIL on the coffin of mainstream media


Outrage continues to grow over the astounding breach of public trust over the hand the Philippines’ mainstream media played in the spread of disinformation surrounding the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Renowned Rappler “reporter” Rambo Talabong, for example, continues to stand by his tweet where he asserts kikiam (a kind of pork-filled sausage of some sort) was served as breakfast to athletes. Even more astounding, Talabong exhibits no sign of remorse nor any inclination to apologise for his irresponsible actions and continues (as of this writing) to use this as his “Pinned Tweet” on his Twitter profile.

Coming from a community who had crowned themselves Guardians of Truth, Talabong and his colleagues at Rappler should pause and reflect on what they had done. They may have caused irreparable damage to the Philippines. Serious penalties should apply for such offenses.

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