Outrage over Rappler’s and Yellowtard Netizens’ “Kikiam” #2019SEAGames DISINFORMATION campaign!

Irresponsible Opposition “thought leaders” and social media “influencers” are in BIG TROUBLE after spreading disinformation surrounding the food served to athletes participating in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

Even chi chi “journalists” like “Child of the Almighty God” Angel Movido wasted no time getting to the task of issuing their verdict on the back of what would turn out to be incomplete and downright erroneous information.

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True to form, “social news network” site Rappler was quick to pick up the “story” and publish its own slanted take on this fake “kikiam” circus applying its iconic brand of “Netizens’ Reaction” reporting style…

No less than the eminent Rapplerette Rambo Talabong fell for the ruse.

(Screenshot of tweet here)

A simple clarification taken from people who are in a good position to relay the facts would have prevented this astoundingly embarrassing lapse in journalistic judgement. ABS-CBN News reports on the official statement released by the management of Whitewoods Convention & Leisure Hotel in Silang, Cavite in a letter to William “Butch” Ramirez, chef de mission of Team Philippines…

“Coach Dimzon testified on national television that our menu for breakfast was ‘kikiam,’ which in fact is actually chicken sausage,” said [Edgardo M. Capulong, president and chairman of the board of Whitewoods Convention & Leisure Hotel].

“We have proof of this, and the PHISGOC food audit team in the hotel that are on top of the food inspection during, before and after cooking and during meal time, can attest to the fact that it was not ‘kikiam,'” he added.

“The other Pinoy athletes also know that they ate chicken sausage.”

To that point, Capulong brought to light some of the rather non-ideal behaviour of some members of the Philippine team…

Capulong also said that the Philippine team “brought Baliwag Lechon for dinner without coordinating” with the food audit committee. This, he said, “is a clear violation of our agreement that no oil, pork be served due to the sensitivity issue with our Muslim athletes.”

“Again, we are so sad because our very own Pinoy athletes are the very first one to destroy our dignity as Filipinos,” he said. “Where is our sense of nationalism?”

It is unfortunate that the so-called “guardians” of “truth” are amongst the first to betray the public trust when it comes to the important job of delivering reliable information. If you can’t trust “journalists” and “thought leaders” who can you trust?

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