Philippine media in a CRISIS after suffering a massive loss of TRUST due to misreporting of the #2019SEAGames

Media editors are scrambling to control the damage to their reputations in the aftermath of a spike in the number of flawed reporting on the conduct of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. No less than communist front media organisation, the National UNION of Journalists of the Philippines issued a statement to defend its embattled members.

In a statement released Wednesday night, November 27, the NUJP said “attempting to dictate how the media should report the news has no place in a democracy.”

“It becomes ridiculously unacceptable when the officials responsible for the disaster resort to bashing media as well, as if the reports on their shortcomings were to blame for the disaster,” the NUJP said.

The NUJP, however, conveniently glosses over instances of sloppy reporting, specially on the part of “social news network” Rappler.

The fact is, mainstream media and the “journalists” it employs are evidently failing at their job and, more importantly, failing the Filipino people.

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