Leaders of the Philippine Opposition miss the power to “control the narrative”

Coming straight from Inquirer columnist Randy David himself in his column today where he laments the “bullying” that “vice president” Leni Robredo is supposedly copping today…

Without the power to control the narrative, VP Leni’s resignation at this point would be a form of suicide. We should not allow that to happen.

Last we recall, the Yellowtards did once enjoy a monopoly on control over the national narrative. In fact, they enjoyed this power for no less than 30 long years.

Over that period, the Philippines’ political discourse was bathed in the colour Yellow. Backing this national indoctrination was a formidable collusion of institutions — the Roman Catholic Church and Big Corporate Media.

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Rather than cry a river for Robredo, David should, instead, kick her ass and encourage her to compete. An Opposition that has lost a will to compete and, instead, chooses to wallow in their imagined victimhood are not deserving of the respect they feel they are entitled to.

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