The “movement” to #DefendPressFreedom is all about Maria Ressa and not much else

If #DefendPressFreedom was the burning national issue Maria Ressa makes it out to be, why aren’t politicians making it a cornerstone of their campaign? The fact is, it isn’t relevant because it is a non-issue. Maria Ressa was arrested for charges related to her conduct as leader of a news media organisation. Her case has nothing to do with press freedom. For that matter, press freedom was never “under attack” to begin with.

Last we heard it is only Maria Ressa supposedly being “harassed”, supposedly. We don’t hear any other media personality throwing a tantrum even remotely similar to Ressa’s rants. There is no #DefendPressFreedom. Only defend Maria Ressa. Maria Ressa is calling on Filipinos to #DefendPressFreedom because SHE was arrested for LIBEL. Let that sink in for a moment then realise just how ridiculous the notion is.

Who is Ressa anyway? Why screech #DefendPressFreedom over a CEO who failed her shareholders, her employees, and her readers for being a mediocre executive and a dishonest “journalist”?

The only person who can decide Maria Ressa’s LEGAL case is a judge. Judges aren’t moved by activist drivel slogans like #DefendPressFreedom. Only morons are.

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