STUNNED SILENCE from Rappler editor and writers following demand for APOLOGY issued by Adam Garrie!

An article published by Rappler alleging that Eurasia Future director Adam Garrie enjoys “links” with Russia and that these are being channeled to influence social media political chatter in the Philippines has backfired badly.

The article was a piece of sophomoric “investigative journalism” by a Rappler “research team” consisting of Vernise Tantuco, Wayne Manuel, Michael Bueza, Glenda Marie Castro and Gemma Mendoza that utterly failed to deliver a sound analysis of these links.

To those allegations, Garrie articulates a clear categorical response in an email presumably to the Rappler editorial desk that had since been published on the Eurasia Future website

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Rappler says I have “connections to Russia” and by that I assume they mean the Russian government. This is false. Although I used to get lots of calls to appear on Russia Today (aka RT), those calls started to dry up well over a year ago, although I was recently on a show produced by the Associated Press (an American company) that airs on RT. For the record, I have no particular problem with RT, but it seems that someone at RT has a problem with me. I don’t particularly care though.

Also for the record, I support the Russian opposition and not the government as I believe the Russian government is deeply flawed….maybe that’s why RT don’t like me anymore. Rappler should catch up.

Included in Garrie’s email is a demand that Rappler retract the allegations and issue an apology.

…because my reputation has been defamed by the lies you have printed, I would ask that you retract the lies, issue me a personal apology and donate a small amount to a Philippines based charity of my choosing.

It’s Rappler‘s move. So far, nothing but silence. But that’s just Rappler being Rappler.

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