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Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog’s wedding a who’s-who of diminished and DEFEATED Opposition politicians

A lot of rabid yellow supporters on social media who were Jover Laurio’s’ contemporaries before she became “popular” didn’t even bother to greet or congratulate her on her recent nuptials. It seems they don’t think highly of her anymore. She probably acts like she is too good for them now.

Jover is very good at playing the victim. Like I said before, she is a talented scammer. It seems she found a way for others to fund her blog site and her extravagant wedding. She just had to suck up to the elite members of the yellow crowd and write what they want to read.

Jover doesn’t deserve my respect. She threatened to divulge private information about GRP writers even before she became “popular”. If she is telling the truth about knowing where we live, then I consider her a dangerous person. I do not trust her and she won’t get a break from me.

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People who are worthy of compassion are those who have shown remorse. Jover hasn’t even apologised for her errors and for her efforts to malign other people. Instead, she acts like she is the victim. Just look at the way she acts like the “pa-boost” issue is nothing.

It is my personal advocacy to rid the Philippines of menaces to society and Kris Aquino, Jover’s one-time patron, is one of them. Besides, tweeting about the truth is not hard. It doesn’t take me away from other important things I have to do in the day. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to stop the likes of Kris and the entrenched oligarchy she represents?

Jover Laurio cannot say she is non-partisan after showing her true colours during her wedding.
(Photo source: Risa Hontiveros)

The yellow bigwigs still support Jover even after revelations that Kris Aquino was funding her and even though these facts show they are hypocrites in accusing others of being paid hacks. They don’t have a problem with it since her blogs are critical of Duterte. Very self-righteous.

Why should the public be bothered by what Jover did or does? Because she is involved in propagating negative propaganda against the current government and she doesn’t have any qualms about destroying other people’s lives just to get what she wants. She is a menace to Philippine society.

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