Leni Robredo is the Philippines’ biggest gaslighter — probably suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I thought this was a column piece of substance considering its author is a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs. In “The social media imperative” published on the Philippine Star, Roberto Romulo writes of “trolls”… “It was these ‘warriors’ on social media who delivered the presidency to Duterte, who won with over 16.6 million votes–convincingly and […]

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Maria Ressa should behave like a professional rather than like a spoilt brat when facing her tax evasion charges

The demise of Rappler will ultimately be good for the Philippines’ news media industry — because Rappler, led by its CEO Maria Ressa, is disproportionately responsible for casting the entire industry under a bad light thanks to their taste for shrill dramas. For that matter, why does Maria Ressa keep bothering the Filipino people with […]