Stop the BULLSHIT around Maria Ressa’s @TIME “person of the year” title already!


The editors of TIME magazine come across as lazy for choosing people in their industry as People of the Year. Someone in their meeting probably had a brain wave and said “Let’s just praise journalists this year” for doing what they are supposed to be doing – their jobs.

And so Maria Ressa is one of TIME Magazine’s “People of the Year”? Not surprising since the distinction was given by her fellow journalists who are just promoting one of their own. The irony is, these so-called “guardians of truth” can’t fact-check Ressa’s claims she is being harassed.

This tweet summarises what has been the typical mainstream story today…

TIME’s 2018 Person of the Year: Maria Ressa, CEO and executive editor of Rappler, a news outlet in the Philippines targeted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Correction: Maria Ressa is a journalist who has been caught violating the law. She is not being “targeted” because she is a Duterte critic. There are so many critics out there who don’t get slapped with criminal charges. Stop the bullshit!

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