Filipinos have long tolerated SQUATTING on their public properties. So what’s so different about China?


Indeed, China is doing something to the Philippines that Filipinos really ought to be very familiar with. The Chinese are merely squatting. And given Filipinos’ unmatched tolerance for squatters to the point of even elevating them to sainthood, they really shouldn’t be complaining at all.

Squatting, as most Filipinos know, happens when people start illegally erecting structures on someone else’s private undeveloped land. Once there, they are difficult to eradicate as they cling to the land they illicitly occupy like barnacles.

China is just another squatter Filipinos ought to be accustomed to. For decades, the Philippines have neglected to develop any of the natural treasures that lay beneath the territories it lays claim to. So now that someone with the means to do just that had planted its assets on these territories, Filipinos are now screeching bloody “victimhood”. But, really, that’s just how squatting works, right?

The only way to remove squatters is by using force.

The trouble with Filipinos is they’re not consistent. They apply the rules selectively. How can Filipinos credibly presume to protest Chinese squatting on what they assert are their territories when they routinely coddle the crooked squatting ways of their own compatriots? Dumb, really.

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