The idea that Philippine democracy is “dying” is DEAD


If the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition are building an entire campaign platform on the idea that Philippine democracy is “dying” then they are truly in big trouble. Many events have shown that this is not true. They have lied to Filipinos. They have lied to the foreign media. And they had lied to the International Criminal Court.

The Yellowtards are really terrible at learning lessons. Just this year alone, they had latched on to too many doomsday scenarios to count with one’s fingers. One of the biggest of them was the bullshit storm kicked up by no less than the CEO of Yellowtard “news” site Rappler, Maria Ressa. Ressa launched a campaign to convince everyone that press freedom was “dead”. Ressa was lying. It wasn’t.

Ressa and her henchwomen are actually the ones abusing their freedom by baldly misleading the public. Tan puts it quite succinctly [in his January 2018 Inquirer column]: “Free speech cannot justify Rappler’s misleading coverage of Rappler”. Ressa should heed the words of the venerable Oprah Winfrey: Time is up. So is the jig.

The Yellowtards have been lying to Filipinos. Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa had been lying to their readers and the foreign media. Imagine how much more lying they would be doing if they were in power. Oh wait, they already once were!

If the Yellowtards won’t learn their lesson, Filipinos should at least learn theirs and apply it when they go out and vote this coming election.

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