Yellowtards assert OWNERSHIP over Roman Catholicism


What is it with celebrating Catholic masses to accompany political and “activist” events? It’s like the organisers of these circuses are routinely commandeering this popular religious ritual to the service of their specific agendas.

For example, we hear that Yellowtard “advocate” group Tindig Pilipinas has organised a mass at chi-chi private school La Salle Greenhills on the 21st of September as part of their “fight for democracy”.

The trouble with Filipinos is that they don’t seem to see anything wrong with this — that this is an event that is, in essence, exclusive rather than inclusive in nature. Firstly it is a partisan event. Second, its venue is within the premises of a secured limited-access private institution.

The hypocrisy of events like these needs to be called out. More importantly, the Catholic Church itself should be taken to task for their disturbingly cosy relationship with a rabid partisan camp. So much for their avowed non-judgmental focus on the “spiritual health” of all Filipinos.

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