Despite optimism Philippine vax targets not likely achieved until 2024

I’m with Mareng Winnie on this one. Monsod writes in her Inquirer piece “Galvez’s math leaves much to be desired” countering National Task Force (NTF) Against Covid-19 chair Carlito Galvez’s optimistic appraisal of the vaccination situation in the Philippines… His arithmetic leaves much to be desired. He said that 19 to 25 million people will […]

Health Politics

Opposition has nothing better to do than put up roadblocks to the government’s pandemic response

“Penalize” Winnie says? The vaccine supply situation at present is similar to the alcohol supply situation in Bangladesh when I was there on business in 1998 – you drank what was available given it’s an Islamic country. You had no choice. In her Inquirer column today “Why penalize us for choosing better vaccine?”, Winnie Monsod […]

Business Economy

Dysfunctional Philippine bureaucracy cannot be solved by one president in just 6 years

The raging debate since the first lockdown has been about social amelioration. Having first-hand experience in government at the local government unit (LGU) level, I’ve seen the inefficiencies in its operations and the policy disconnect unless the two top officials work together for the benefit of their constituents. Tax the rich to give to the […]