LGBTQ+ and feminist “activists” should highlight ACHIEVEMENT rather than gender

Entrepreneur Ricky Reyes’s recent comments on gay “rights” drew flak from advocates of LGBTQ+ “equality”.

Reyes actually provides employment to a lot of gays and transgenders. It’s not fair that his critics are saying he has forgotten what it’s like to be discriminated against. You can actually argue that being discriminated against helped him work harder at proving himself. That’s not something that will likely happen to the new generation of gays who keep getting special treatment and assert their entitlement to special treatment.

A lot of people like me see him as a hard worker and savvy business person, not someone who is simply “gay”. Our sexual orientation shouldn’t define us. What we do and achieve is what defines us.

Since feminists want people to look beyond their gender and acknowledge their achievements instead, members of the LGBTQ+ community should do the same. They cannot keep telling people they need to be treated a certain way just because of their sexual orientation.

In fact being a rabid gay “activist” is a slippery slope that could easily lead to hate as Rappler columnist Shakira Sison demonstrates in this tweet.

Such rabid members of the LGBTQ+ community are negating even the work of feminists who have been discriminated against because of their gender. By highlighting their gender, misguided individuals within the LGBTQ+ advocacy want people to focus on the their identity, not their achievements. In doing so, they diminish their cause rather than elevate its profile.

Yellowtard losers in this year’s #Halalan2019 elections exhibit SELECTIVE respect for Filipino voters

The dismay being expressed by the partisan camps who lost in this year’s elections — Yellowtards primarily — has risen to disturbing levels. They are, in essence, asserting their being above the Vote on the sole basis of the voice of said Vote not being aligned to theirs. This is not the spirit of the democracy they selectively espouse.

The whole point of an election is to determine the majority voice. Once established, the minority are then obliged to respect that winning voice and wait for the next elections to pitch theirs again.

The trouble with the Yellowtards is that they are more inclined to throw a monumental tantrum by, yet again, hinting at rebellion and sedition rather than extend that respect for the majority will as determined by these elections. Thus, on display, is the height of the bald hypocrisy of the Yellowtards.

If you failed to convince the voters to see things your way, it is you who had failed, not them.

Some Yellowtards like Rappler contributor Shakira Sison, for example, choose to lie and incite sedition rather than respect the vote…

“100,000 bodies in Manila Bay” was not a joke.
30,000 dead by EJK. Not a joke.
Selling the Philippines to China. Not a joke.
Senate takeover and formalization of this dictatorship. Not a joke.
Stop laughing. Start fighting.

This is the sort of thinking that hobbles democracy and contributes nothing to building a modern nation.

One should at least stop to ask shills like Sison:

Fight for what exactly?

Is there still a “fight” to be had? Certainly not. The Philippines is more in need of a society of people who work together to build. They have no need for people who prefer to “fight” an ill-defined battle. They have no need for the bullshit of the Yellowtards.